Linn County is home to nearly a quarter-million people. 226,298 to be exact, according to the Fiscal year 2019 Linn County Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. What are the top businesses where citizens of Linn County are employed? Here's the Top Ten, courtesy of the City of Cedar Rapids.

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    Linn-Mar Community School District

    The fast-growing Linn-Mar Community School now employs nearly 1,000 people. That places it in the number ten spot.

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    Four Oaks

    Four Oaks now has 1,100 people employed in our area. I love their slogan: "Assuring children become successful adults for over 40 years."

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    City of Cedar Rapids

    It figures by far the largest city in Linn County would also be one of its largest employers. More than 1300 people work for the City of Cedar Rapids.

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    Mercy Medical Center

    The first Linn County business on the list that employs more than 2,000 is Mercy Medical Center, with nearly 2,150 on the payroll.

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    Nordstrom Direct

    Nordstrom Direct has a fulfillment center in Linn County and now boasts over 2,150 workers.

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    Hy-Vee Food Stores

    Hy-Vee has a variety of businesses in the county including grocery stores, gas stations, and drug stores. They're also the county's 5th-highest employer at more than 2,300.

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    Cedar Rapids Community Schools

    We're approaching the 3,000 mark. The Cedar Rapids Community School District employs almost 2,900. That's good for 4th-place in Linn County.

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    UnityPoint Health--St. Luke's Hospital

    UnityPoint Health--St. Luke's Hospital, the hospital so familiar to I-380 commuters every day, employes just shy of 3,000.

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    Transamerica Life Insurance Company

    The second-largest employer in Linn County is Transamerica Life Insurance Company, boasting nearly 4,000 employees.

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    Collins Aerospace

    Easily the biggest employer in the county is Collins Aerospace, with nearly 9,500 workers. Not only do they have the largest employment in Linn County they likely have by far the largest footprint of any business, with many buildings in the city of Cedar Rapids