Here in Iowa, there are quite a few general stores that have been around a LONG time. Some of them you may have already visited!

According to an article from Only in Your State, one of the oldest general stores in the state is the Amana General Store. Located at 4423 220th Trail in the Amana Colonies, the historic store has been in operation since the late 1850s! The Amana Colonies website reads:

"The Amana General Store was built in 1858 and is a prominent historic landmark in the village of Amana. From the time it was built until 1932, the store served the community with all of their material needs that the communal society did not provide."

The Amana General Store is a popular stop for anyone visiting the Amana Colonies. It is HUGE and offers tons of items, including lots of locally made products, foods, and beverages. It's also home to the Amana Coffee & Tea Co. and the International Christmas Market, which is my absolute favorite section of the store. The first time I visited I was in total awe. It's a Christmas wonderland all year long!


In addition to the Amana General Store, there's also another general store in the Amana Colonies called the High Amana Store. Located at 1308 G Street, the Amana Colonies website says that it was also built back in the 1850s and it's described as museum and general store all in one. The site reads:

"Established back in communal days in 1857, the store’s exterior and interior have remained virtually unchanged all these years. The original tin ceiling, wooden floor, and glass-topped display cases still remain. Throughout the store are charming reminders of the good old days, of a simpler time, of the past preserved. They just don’t make stores like this anymore, and there sure aren’t many of them left in existence!"

Another very old general store here in Iowa is over in Kalona. The Kalona General Store at 121 5th Street has been around since the 1880s! According to the official website:

"The store dates its origin to 1883 when Civil War veteran, Isaac Edmondson took over what was the town's first general store (established in 1879, the year Kalona was created)."

Inside the store, you'll find old-fashioned candies, local wines, vintage toys, souvenirs and gifts, a huge selection of Amish foods, Kalona's famous cheese curds, and more. You can visit the website for more information HERE.

To see a list of more historic general stores across the state of Iowa, you can check out the article from Only in Your State HERE.

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