Looking for a memorable stay where you'll be held hostage and enjoy every minute of it? You've paid your dues and done your sentence so it's time to "turn yourself in" for a relaxing getaway in a suite at the historic "Jailhouse Inn" in Elkader, Iowa.

Built 150 years ago, there is room in this master suite for 2 inmates. Your super host is Penn (kind of fitting with the theme of this being an old "pen"itentiary) but the accommodations are quite redeeming (tip of the hat to a famous movie about prisoners). The queen bed sleeps 2 guests but an air mattress is available for 2 further detainees.

You can rent one of four suites or all 4 for an entire group of inmates up to 20. The only crime in staying here is you'll eventually need to leave. Let yourself off for good behavior at  $120 a night in a 5,000 square feet mansion on 3 acres in Elkader, you and your guests will be willing captives. The bathrooms are spa-quality, too.

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Don't worry, there are no actual prisoners living here but it does have some authentic old-school jail artifacts and authentic paraphernalia as well as a gourmet kitchen, scenic patio overlooking the valley, and of course everyone’s favorite: the cell block. It's perfect for a group event or weekend getaway. Check out the palatial clink in the gallery below.

Elkader's Jailhouse Inn

If taking it easy in a place where people used to do hard time appeals to you, there is another spot that was an actual jail, located in Hampton, Iowa below.

Iowa Unique Airbnb: The Franklin County Historic Jail

Want to stay in a cool, history Iowa jail? Check this out! Of course, you're free to leave the next morning with no hit to your record.







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