My wife will often leave me a voicemail by singing "I Just Called To Say I Love You." It is the sweetest thing ever. Always makes my heart melt.

Because I'm not too blessed in the singing category, I hope I can have someone famous sing it back to her from me. Like Stevie Wonder did last night for James Corden's wife on the Late Late Show.

James is 37. Stevie is 65. Pretty good harmonies right there. I'm addicted to Chrome Cast and laptop playback of Corden's show. Late Night chatters are the best thing on TV right now, IMO. I love the new angle Colbert is taking. The Jimmy's are unstoppable. Seth and Conan are great. And Corden's energy and emotion bleeds right through the screen.

If you were at the Cell Center on July 24, here's "A Drinkin' and A Shaggin'" Carpool Karaoke you might enjoy.

And another "talking New York and Southern."

Finally, one for the big fans of the Late Late Show.

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