It's Monday, and almost no one likes it. Even when working from home, it's a day that can hit you like a ton of bricks after a relaxing weekend, especially when you're staring down the barrel of an incoming barrage of winter weather like we are today. I am actually kind of backward on this stuff. I mean, I hate Mondays too, but I often find them easier than Fridays, which is the opposite of everyone else. That, of course, could all change if my bosses get ideas from seeing this article.

The researchers at the website Zippia have published a new article to determine exactly which states hate Monday the most. We'll get to Iowa's rank in a minute. First, to determine their findings, Zippia analyzed Google trends on four factors. Jobs, coffee consumption, "why am I so tired?" and states' propensities to call in sick.

They also found that it takes until 11:16 a.m. on Monday for the average person to smile or feel normal.

As far as the Top 5 states on the list, as in those who hate Monday the most? Idaho, Utah, Montana, Oregon, and Minnesota. You can find out why here. Idaho calls in sick more than any other state.

Here in Iowa, we ranked #23 among states with the generally worst cases of the Mondays. In addition to Minnesota, our other bordering states were all somewhere in the middle or near the top. Nebraska was #10, Wisconsin was #15, Missouri was #16, Illinois 17, and South Dakota #24. It wasn't stated directly but it's pretty clear winter makes things worse on a Midwest Monday.

Incidentally, the lovely state of Vermont hates Mondays the least but for some reason, it didn't say why. It certainly explains why everyone goes there to chuck it all and write that great American novel they've dreamed of.

So here's to getting the coffee brewing strong and wrapping up early on this double-whammy of a wintry Monday at work, and to a hopefully easier Tuesday.

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