Well, well, well. This is very interesting. A new study claims husbands who don't help with housework are richer. Wait till my wife hears about this.

Thank you, Study Finds, for this amazing new data. Imagine my delight when I saw the headline "Husbands who don’t help out with household chores more likely to have higher incomes". I knew immediately that I had to know more. Here's a little snippet of what this eye-opening study revealed and why:

Across two studies, we find evidence that disagreeable men tend to earn more money relative to their more agreeable male counterparts because they are more self-interested and less helpful to their wives at home, which allows for greater job involvement and, ultimately, higher pay

Hold on a sec. I need to try and stop smiling.

Why is it that selfish dudes tend to make more money? It's maybe not as bad as it sounds. The concept is that guys that are focused on their career more than helping out around the home tend to be more successful.

Not trying to pat myself on the back, but I've always been the cook in our family plus I do the laundry along with doing this radio job thing. Perhaps my radio show would be better if I were selfish? I can dream.

The study was published by Personnel Psychology if you'd like proof to show your spouse. If this gets you out of doing the dishes duty tonight, you can thank me later.

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