If you're trying to drop some pounds for summer, but really love foods like pizza...you're in luck! A new study says that the junk food may actually be able to help you loose weight.

Men's Health conducted a study which "proved that after two weeks of dieting, the participants who had eaten whatever they wanted on Sundays were more motivated to keep up their diet plan throughout the week."

The idea is that planning a specific day to "cheat" or fall off the diet wagon can make you feel more in control and not as bad about indulging. Whereas if you were to try to stay on a diet plan, but then weren't able to resist a free donut at the office...you'd feel pretty bad and would be more likely to abandon the diet all together. That's the logic anyways. You can discover more on the study HERE.

If pizza is your "diet" food of choice, there are a lot of great places to get some in the Corridor. Places like Need Pizza, Mellow Mushroom, the new Fong's Pizza in Newbo are just a few great choices.

The moral of the story is give yourself a cheat day, so you don't regret those says were you just can't say no. Also, eat pizza and be happy!

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