A study from North Carolina State University recently looked at productivity in the workplace with different sizes and quantities of breaks taken, and found the key is to take a bunch of little breaks, or "microbreaks".

“A microbreak is, by definition, short,” says Sophia Cho, co-author of the study, in a university release. “But a five-minute break can be golden if you take it at the right time. Our study shows that it is in a company’s best interest to give employees autonomy in terms of taking microbreaks when they are needed – it helps employees effectively manage their energy and engage in their work throughout the day.”

She adds that the break should consist of things like having a snack, chatting with a co-worker, or stretching and doing brain teasers.


“Basically, microbreaks help you manage your energy resources over the course of the day – and that’s particularly beneficial on days when you’re tired,” Cho said.

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