Sylvester Stallone may have said Creed was his last outing as Rocky, but based on how many times he’s said that before, we know not to trust it. As Creed 2 is slowly coming along, Stallone might have an even bigger role in the boxing sequel than his on-screen character.

Over the weekend the Rocky star shared a revealing photo on his Instagram, suggesting Sly might be penning the upcoming sequel to Ryan Coogler’s Creed. The photo shows two out of 439 handwritten pages of the Creed 2 screenplay:

Rocky fans will note that Coogler’s 2015 movie was the only Rocky film not written by Stallone, with a screenplay by Coogler and Aaron Covington. Coogler and Michael B. Jordan have been tied up with Marvel’s Black Panther, so the Creed sequel has yet to confirm a director or screenwriter. But it is interesting that Creed 2 will either be written by or largely influenced by Stallone’s ideas.

If you look even closer at that photo, you’ll find more evidence about will happen in the Creed sequel. Spot that ‘Drago’ hashtag? Last month we took note of all the unsubtle hints Sly dropped suggesting that Jordan’s Adonis may face-off with the son of the man responsible for his father’s death. And last night Stallone shared an old photo of himself and Dolph Lundgren’s Ivan Drago. Hmm, it’s only seeming more likely that the son of Creed and the son of Drago will meet in the ring in Creed 2. No word yet on when this sequel will come together, or who will direct it, but consider us excited.

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