How to Know When It’s Too Hot to Walk Your Dog This Summer
It might feel great outside to you, but here's how to make sure it's safe for your dog.
Summertime and the living is easy ... and hot.
I'm that type of person where I get hot very easily, but my dog on the other hand could lay in the sun for hours on end just panting away...
Dog Runs Down Leader And Wins 4×200 Relay (VIDEO)
During the final leg of a girls’ 4x200 relay race at a high school in Utah, a dog ran onto the track and sprinted to the finish line for a first-place finish.
The dog -- named Holly --- can been seen racing from the spectator area and chasing down the lead runner...
Here’s The Most Popular Dog Names of 2020
Does your dog have a unique name? Or do they have a classic one like from the movies. Or maybe your pup is named after your favorite food. No matter the name, there's always some dog names that are more popular than others.
Personally, I had my dog's name picked out since middle school...
WATCH: Dog Reunites With Family After 11 Months Lost in Chicago
Do you have them next to you? Okay good, you're definitely going to need them. I'm a sucker for animal videos of all kinds. But animal reunion videos are a whole different level of heartwarming.
This holiday season, one dog got the gift of being reunited with her family jus…

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