We enjoy being part of the annual Tanager Place Summer Fest each summer and soon hope to have news on the event's fate this year.

Tanager Place in Cedar Rapids provides support and counseling to youth and families in our community who are dealing with mental health concerns, according to their website. Needless to say, perhaps more people than ever are dealing with such concerns as the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak continues. That's why, according to KCRG, the group has shifted their work to accommodate these challenging times.

A high-school support group has been set up and will be held via Zoom every Wednesday. The sessions are free and students are able to share anything of concern to them during the open forum. Kids have had to change their normal routine and Tanager outpatient clinic manager Jennifer Null says high-school seniors, in particular, might be struggling as they are losing out on a lot of what makes this a milestone year in their lives.

Besides the Wednesday Zoom seminars, therapists are still available at other times through Tananger Place. E-mail k.thom@tanager.org for information and an invitation to the Zoom meetings or visit Tanager Place's website.

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