A second-grade teacher went viral after posting a TikTok video revealing her typical workday doesn't end at school, but rather at Starbucks, where she works a part-time job.

Many teachers work a second job just to make ends meet. One study from 2019 found 20 percent of teachers in the U.S. work a second job to supplement their income.

For Jenna, a teacher who posts under the username @Miss_Hall on TikTok, this is how she gets by.

Most of Jenna's videos are recaps from class projects or funny stories about her work as an elementary school teacher. However, the content creator found viral fame after vulnerably sharing with followers that her day-to-day activities also include working a second job because she doesn't make enough money as a teacher.

In Jenna's viral video, she reveals she is a "second-grade teacher by day and a barista by night."

Jenna says that she works the closing shift at Starbucks and details what she does while working her shift at the coffee shop.

Jenna even shares that she has an added benefit for her classroom by working part-time at Starbucks: She is allowed to take the leftover cake pops that are not sold during the day as a reward for her students' good behavior.

See Jenna's viral TikTok about her side job, below:

While Jenna isn't the only creator educating the public about just how hard teachers work in the classroom, her honest video is jarring for folks who had no idea just how underpaid teachers are.

Many of Jenna's non-teaching followers found the revelation heartbreaking and believe that teachers are underpaid for their hard work in the education system. Meanwhile, her peers who worl in education found her video very relatable.

One fellow teacher commented, "I'm a preschool teacher and a restaurant server, so nice to see someone going through the same thing."

Not only is Jenna open about her financial strains, but in another video, she opens up about overcrowding in her classroom.

When she discussed her crowded classroom with her school admin, she was told they would not add additional students to her class because she was already over capacity. However, they did not keep their promise.

The flood of responses to Jenna's videos shine a light on the mounting issues facing teachers in school systems nationwide, and many TikTokers note this is why the teaching profession is needs urgent help.

The COVID-19 pandemic has only caused additional problems to bubble up in strained, understaffed school systems, and right now, it seems many teachers are underpaid and overworked.

According to Forbes, one-in-four teachers work more than 60 hours per week.

Many teachers are now flocking to TikTok to raise awareness about what is happening at their schools in the hope that their stories will open the eyes of parents and school boards.

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