The flood of 2008 with its record Cedar River crest of 31.8 feet devastated Cedar Rapids and other Eastern Iowa towns. It also caused enormous damage, some of which is just now having the funding for repair and protection put in place.

That flood put 5.5 feet of water inside the African-American Museum of Iowa, 55 12th Ave. SE in Cedar Rapids, and they are getting ready for a temporary shutdown for renovations.

Flood wall construction in the area will cause a shutdown of the African-American Museum of Iowa starting on September 24 and while the doors are closed, construction work on both counts can take place.

Executive Director LaNisha Cassell told KCRG,

the flood wall is going to be going through the parking lot of the museum and so because of that we have to reorient our entrance and our lobby

Patrons will be able to visit a temporary exhibit set up at the Cedar Rapids Public Library, as well as the Des Moines Public Library.

As for the renovations at the museum, a new entrance will have the building facing 2nd street instead of the 12th Avenue bridge. They continue their fundraising goal, hoping to raise $5 million plus $1 million for endowment. The City of Cedar Rapids has provided $1.3 million. In all, Cassell says they have raised about $2.5 million and anticipate being at $4 million by the end of the year.

Construction is set to begin in early 2023, and be finished by next fall.

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