As I write this it's... spring. Technically anyway. Summer begins on Sunday, June 20th. Also, Father's Day for the record. So as dad's day approaches, why not talk turkey. Literally. More and more businesses with locations throughout Eastern and Northeastern Iowa are now announcing they'll be closed again in 2021.

When COVID-19 was raging in 2020 it made a lot of sense to scrap crowds, some may be wondering, 'why be closed again in 2021?' The answer appears to be simple: it looks good to the public when a large company gives its employees a family-oriented holiday off.

Don't plan on getting that big screen TV Thanksgiving night!

The list of retailers closed on Thanksgiving grew by one more today, according to We Are IowaKohl's joined the list of retailers officially saying 'sayonara' to doorbusters that night. Though, in their press release, they do make an effort to tell the world their website will be happy to help you buy whatever your heart wants that night when you're done elbowing your uncle for the last bit of gravy.

The list of stores closed on Thanksgiving now includes:

  • Best Buy
  • Target
  • Kohl's
  • Walmart

Most small businesses will also be closed

With pressure from 'the big guys' in years past, some smaller operations chose to be open on Thanksgiving. This year, much like last year, there's less pressure to have doors open on Thanksgiving. Almost every business big and small will be ready to roll on Black Friday, which should look a lot more normal in 2021 than it did last year. Let's just hope we can get through the day without tons of Iowans getting trampled for a good deal.

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