Surprisingly, what we found to be the biggest moment from Monday’s (Feb. 10) episode of The Bachelor didn’t come from any of the women (shocking, we know). It was the amount of screen time and attention Peter Weber's fresh scar received that really baffled us!


This week we dove straight into the first one-on-one date with Madison Prewett. This Southern belle explored a Peruvian fishing village with Peter, where they proceeded to playfully catch fish together. Of course, just one rocky boat wouldn’t suffice, so they moved to a nice yacht to talk.

Madison let Peter know she really likes him and can see a future with him [cue Peter’s PDA]. Let’s just say we think they spent more time smooching than looking at the views.

Later, Madison opened up about her faith, sharing that not only is it important to her, but she wants a husband who shares the same values. Her desire is to be pushed spiritually by her husband and to raise their children with similar values. Though he earnestly listened, you could tell by Peter’s facial expressions that he wasn’t on the same page.

Peter opened up and let her know he was raised in a Christian home, and it's something he finds important, but he is not as strong in his faith as he’d like to be.

We really saw their honesty in this conversation, but what happened after Peter’s pause was quite shocking. He ended up letting Madison know he was falling in love with her ...  and might we note, she was the only one who received that affirmation last night (clearly, she’s the front runner)! Obviously, she received a rose.


While Madison was still love-struck, Peter took Natasha out for her first one-on-one date. Honestly, this date felt like two colleagues getter dinner together. She kept telling the producers she felt such a great vibe, but we weren’t sure where she was pulling that from. They found toy llamas while exploring the city and Natasha joked that one of them had a baby [cringe]. Gosh, hard for Peter to awkwardly come up with a rebuttal, and honestly, he didn’t. He just looked at her oddly and then tried to laugh it off.

If you hadn’t noticed, the vibe was just weird, and ultimately Natasha was sent home without a rose [cut to random man wheeling suitcase out].


Nothing says "enjoying the scenery of Peru" like rumbling ATVs, right? Kelsey had the last one-on-one date of this episode, and it took place in the beautiful countryside of Peru. They decided it would be fun to run up the hill (could have already told you, big mistake), and for a few seconds we were only left with footage of both of them deep breathing into their mics. They then take in the view. Nope, not the scenery, but of each other [cue PDA again]. If you haven’t realized this so far, clearly physical touch is Peter’s top love language!

So far Kelsey has had a hard time emotionally keeping it together and has cried a lot around Peter. However, this date was full of laughter and fun. During dinner, sweet Peter thought it would be a good idea to say that this date was less emotional. Great intention, but Kelsey got defensive and let Peter know it was okay to show emotion (Peter wanting to take back his words…awkward).

The date ended with Kelsey opening up about her complex family dynamic if Peter were to meet her family. He appreciated her honesty and gave her the date rose.


This three-on-one date was honestly just weird, but here’s a quick summary. Hannah Ann, Kelley, and Victoria F. all ended up on this date. Hannah Ann read Peter a note (don’t forget how she dots every "I" with hearts) about what he means to her. Victoria became Miss Sassy Pants and told Peter he’s always in a mood with her. Clearly frustrated, Peter defended himself and tried to understand Victoria’s abrasive demeanor. Honestly, the entire date she was pouting, but somehow still received a rose (confused). She doesn’t seem like she wants to be there, but at the same time does.

However, it was Kelley who threw us the curveball. Before they even got to the date, she told Hannah Ann and Victoria she wanted to throw them in front of a bus, so she could be the only one with Peter (sorry, what?!). Then, once at the date, she acted like she had the rose in the bag with the arrogance of entitlement. She couldn’t be serious with Peter and it came across insincere.

Ultimately, Peter was fed up with Kelley and sent her home. (hip, hip, hooray!)

Though Kelley was the one sent home, for some reason we were left with Hannah Ann bawling (Girl, you got a rose. Breathe). We aren't totally sure what prompted that.


Here’s who went home this episode: Natasha Parker & Kelley Flanagan


The biggest tea we have for next week: Madison’s dad will not give Peter his blessing during the hometown dates! It will be interesting to see how that conversation plays out and then how it is addressed with Madison (already popping the popcorn).

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