We weren’t messing around this week on The Bachelor, and the show kicked off right at hometown dates. Hannah Ann was up first in Knoxville, and with her father in the lumber industry, he told her he wants a strong man. Naturally, Hannah Ann took Ranger Rick’s (her dad) advice and brought Peter Weber along to go axe throwing.

After many failed attempts, Peter hit the bullseye. He also hit our emotional heart when he pulled Hannah Ann aside and read a letter filled with all the reasons why he liked her. If you remember, she did the same thing for him in the last episode.

Walking up to your future in-laws' house can be intimidating, but think about having to do that four different times! We felt for Peter, and you could tell as he walked up to Hannah Ann’s house, his heart was beating fast.

After an emotional reunion between Hannah Ann and her family, Peter had a serious talk with father Ranger Rick. We're not going to lie, with her dad’s monotone demeanor, it was hard to tell how he was feeling. He ultimately (which we understand) told Peter not to tell Hannah Ann he loved her unless he really meant it. (Good dad move)!

In the end, Peter felt confident in his feelings with Hannah Ann to let her know he loved her.


After a long day of stomping on grapes and making wine in Des Moines, Kelsey let Peter know she’s falling in love with him. They headed off to meet her family, and by the way they all talk about each other, you felt the close bond they have with each other.

Kelsey’s mom, like any protective mother, let Peter know she doesn’t want him to break Kelsey’s heart. (Woof – tall order considering he’s also dating three other women)! However, Peter handled the conversation well and let her know he takes what she relayed to him seriously.


Let’s be honest, we were all looking forward to watching this date play out. Clearly, with Peter giving his first “I love you” to Madison, she’s currently the front runner. What better way to spend a hometown date than at Auburn University with the men’s head basketball coach. (No pressure, Peter). It’s also not every day that you get a personal video from former War Eagle, Charles Barkley! (Still no pressure, Peter).

One thing is for sure, though: Madison left him in the dust when it came to her basketball skills. Don’t worry, though; Peter looked great trying.

Okay, talk about some big nerves. Out of all of the hometown dates, Madison’s family (at least what the producers showed) was the most intense when it came to the questions asked. Overall, both of Madison’s parents didn’t want Peter to break their daughter’s heart, but were more concerned if the two love birds were on the same page spiritually. Madison still has yet to tell Peter she’s a virgin, and her dad made it clear they need to be on the same page before making such a serious commitment.

Due to the quickness this process brings, uneasy of the seriousness, Madison’s dad did not extend his blessing to Peter. However, that didn’t seem to make Peter waver, and he still was head over heels for Madison.


Let’s be real: everyone, and we mean everyone, thinks Victoria F. is bad news. However, clearly love is blind with Peter, and he keeps bringing her along.

The date started out light-hearted as they adventured around town, but ended in a ball of emotions. (Dude, we aren’t surprised).

Before we get to that though, can we talk about the fact that Victoria has now had two country artists perform on her dates!? First, it was Chase Rice, and now Hunter Hayes performed during her hometowns. No, this time there was no juicy past relationship to divulge.

However, Peter’s ex did show up on this date, and by the look on Peter’s face, he didn’t know it was coming. His ex, who is also from Virginia Beach, let Peter know she knows Victoria, and she’s been known to break up other relationships and wanted him to be careful.

Obviously, that rattled him, and let’s fast forward to what he does about it. Defense, sass, and immaturity escalated on Victoria’s end once Peter brought it up to her. This resulted in them breaking up before he even met her parents, but don’t think it’s over. Nope, Victoria went to his hotel later that night, asking Peter for another chance. Even though our brains do not understand Peter’s heart, he gave her another chance, and now she’s back in the game again. (Goodness, bro, you are clueless).


In the end, Peter for some reason kept Victoria and sends Kelsey home. Love is clearly blind.


Here’s what we predict for next week. Madison is finally going to tell Peter she’s a virgin, but will find out through the other girls that they have already slept with Peter. This will rattle her and cause her to send herself home. However, because Peter feels so strongly for her, we think he will pull a Colton Underwood and go after Madison once filming is over. That might explain what the finale is so emotionally confusing, but we will just have to wait and see.

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