Once upon a time, there was nothing like waking up in the morning and putting the coffee on, running up to the front door to grab your morning paper and reading it. If you didn't read it cover to cover, you'd at least find a riveting crossword puzzle, horoscope, or a sports or human interest piece that interested you. There was something for everyone and a little bit of suspense to it, too. Digital platforms have taken away the need to wait, but many still dig the nostalgia and the feeling of physical newsprint in your hands. Who didn't have a paper route as a kid one time or another? It was a great way to make a few bucks.

In another sign that that's all going away, quickly, 40 people in the newspaper industry are about to lose their jobs as Color Web Printers, the printing firm that produces the Cedar Rapids Gazette, will be closing. Printing operations for the paper that has been around since January 10, 1883 (according to a quick Google search) will move to Des Moines and be handled by Gannett Publishing Services. The digital wing of the operation will remain in tact.

You read that right. The Cedar Rapids newspaper, while still being distributed here, will be printed outside of Cedar Rapids. It's called "outsourcing" and "consolidation" and both are happening in so many industries that have been forced to make budget cuts due either to the Coronavirus pandemic or to simply streamline their own bottom line.

It's also another sign that so much of the media and publishing industry is moving strictly to the online/digital realm. In announcing the move, Gazette executive director Zach Kucharski said, "we’ll also be using our digital platforms of thegazette.com and Green Gazette to make sure readers have access to late-breaking news and sports.”

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This also affects the Pennysaver, Southeast Iowa Union, and associated shoppers. The change will go into effect on August 26 and affected employees will receive outplacement job assistance as they determine their next move.

Are you one of those people who still like to read the old-school newspaper? Let us know in the comments how you feel about this change.

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