The Flash movie director Andy Muschietti has yet another intriguing costume tease from the set of his movie. Since production on the DC Comics blockbuster began back in the early summer, Muschietti has been posting teaser images of his characters’ new superhero suits on Instagram. There was Michael Keaton’s new Batman costume, Ezra Miller’s updated look as the Flash, and Sasha Calle’s big ‘S’ logo as the new Supergirl.

This week’s image is a little bit different. It’s a shot of the Keaton Bat-suit, but it’s been spray-painted red with a yellow lightning bolt across the Bat emblem on the chest. So it’s essentially a Flash costume on top of a Batman costume.

So what’s all this about? It seems basically impossible that this image was made up just as something cool to post on Instagram; you wouldn’t just do this for kicks (unless The Flash is way ahead of schedule and Muschietti is just looking for ways to kill some time). So at some point in the movie you have to assume either Bruce Wayne or someone else does this to Batman’s costume. As to why, I have no idea. Maybe Barry gives Batman a bit of the Speed Force? Maybe Bruce Wayne decides he’s tired of dressing like a bat and is ready for something a bit more colorful?

Yeah, I got nothing. The Flash is scheduled to open in theaters on November 4, 2022. We should get to see more from the movie — maybe even an early teaser? — at the online DC FanDome event coming up on October 16.

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