It’s back again this summer!

The ‘Bremer County Giraffe’ has been spotted again this summer grazing in the cornfields south of Readlyn, not far from where it was seen in 2020.

It appears to have traveled slightly south from its location last summer --- and on the opposite side of the highway.

The giraffe's long neck can be seen stretching out over the corn's tassels south of Readlyn on Reed Avenue (V49), just south of C54.

The stationary 'cardboard cutout' of the world's tallest living animal has been a popular sight & photo opportunity for those traveling through Bremer County this summer.

Had this been an actual giraffe grazing the fields of Iowa --- and developed a taste for corn -- it would have a lot to feast upon, as the herbivore can eat up to 75 pounds of food PER DAY.

I'm not sure if the giraffe is male or female, but it needs a name. Perhaps 'CORNwallis', 'Jerry the Giraffe,' or 'Judy.' What do you think?

There have also been reports of a dinosaur lumbering through the fields south of this giraffe.

Earlier this summer, multiple Bigfoot sightings were reported east of New Hampton. Check out the photos HERE.

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James Patrick - Townsquare Media
James Patrick - Townsquare Media
James Patrick - Townsquare Media
James Patrick - Townsquare Media


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