Summer hasn't even officially started, and the latest perfectly-timed shortage is one that could be crippling thousands of Iowans' ability to cope with the current pre-season heatwave the state is undergoing for several more days: air conditioning supplies.

The heating and cooling and business itself is dealing with the same fate as others

It's always when you need it the most that the A/C seems to give out, right? KCRG says that because manufacturing plants have shut down or laid off so many workers in the past year, it has everyone in a scramble to get repairs done.

It also means the costs of key materials like steel and copper have suffered shortages and increased in price, so you're paying a pretty penny if you need to cool off. It helps to get your air conditioner tuned up before the last minute, but an influx of customers who haven't done that are inundating local shops who are short-staffed. Then, there was the derecho, mixed with other natural disasters across the country. It's leaving some customers waiting up to a month to get their equipment looked at.

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It's going to take a while to get help, and to stop needing the A/C to begin with

According to our friends in the Iowa's News Now Weather First forecast center, the '90s are sticking around through the weekend with upper '80s to start things off early next week, so we're set to continue our extended heatwave for a while. Stay cool! Winter begins in 194 days.

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