As the lone Chicago Bears fan in an office full of Packers, Chiefs and Vikings fans (and some stray Colts, Cowboys and Ravens fans), I am not really ingratiating myself to many of my co-workers today! I even wore some Bears gear to work.

In case you missed it this weekend, Chicago put a merciful end to an 8-year playoff drought by beating division rivals Green Bay (who were knocked out of playoff contention by this loss and some other circumstances around the league) and securing their place atop the NFC North. Dare I say, I might be gloating a little but may I remind you it's been about a once-in-eight years opportunity for us Bears fans to do so. I sure haven't enjoyed football this much in a VERY long time, and that's really what it's all about!

The season is not over yet, with two games left on the schedule. But, with a 10-4 record and a comfortable lead over the second--place Vikings to clinch the division (after finishing dead LAST in the division last season) and a playoff berth, I am pretty confident in Chicago's chances the rest of the way.

It's been a long time coming and we have an innovative and gutsy first-year head coach in Matt Nagy to thank, as well as a smart GM Ryan Pace and of course, the Oakland Raiders for sending us Kahlil Mack.

We take a lot of guff for living off of 1985-86, the last time the Bears won a Super Bowl, but forgive us for feeling like this season is highly reminiscent of that one so far.

That's the end of my gloating, but I will leave you on this note:  BEAR DOWN!

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