We all know YouTubers make bank. Some of the biggest social influencers  make multi millions off of views, market deals, and merch. Leading to some YouTubers to have fun with this money. People like Mr. Beast.

This YouTuber is known for doing million dollar challenges, from challenges like "Last to leave hot tube gets 100K" To Planting millions of trees, and so much more. He's fun to watch, but he is always looking for something new to do. He is a very creative guy, one of his last videos was eating a golden pizza.

Now Mr Beast is tweeting at the mashup leg-and and fellow YouTuber James Charles. James is one of the most successful, and controversial Makeup YouTubers out there, but he is also known for being very fun and down to Earth. Leading to this challenge on YouTube.

It started with a simple tweet. It started off what seemed like a joke from Mr Beast.

James responded though, this lead to fans of both wanting to see this legendary battle between two YouTube icons. While nothing has been confirmed yet fans are very excited to see this million dollar challenge. That's a lot of money to lose off of one quick game.

I'm just excited to see these YouTubers collaborate. Would you play a simple game for a million dollars?



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