What did you have for breakfast today maybe some eggs, or a bowl of cereal, or a bagel? Yet, even if it was pretty good, would you rather have eaten a piece or two of LEFTOVER PIZZA?

According to a new survey, believe it or not, the most popular breakfast food in Iowa, and the America as a whole is... cold pizza.

53% of people say they'd rather have a cold piece of pizza for breakfast than ANY of the traditional breakfast foods. So, are we really just a country of hungry Frat boys? Or is this the greatest news of all time? We can now openly eat pizza for breakfast without fear of shame or ridicule since we're all doing it!

Now for a totally different debate, should the breakfast pizza have pineapple on it? Hm. Maybe Capin' Crunch instead? Mushrooms? Sausage since it's for breakfast?

(SOURCE: Food And Wine)

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