With so many shows to watch on TV, is there any possible way to find out which show is a state's favorite? The folks at Zippia claim that they've done it!

First of all, Zippia claims that they took the top 100 most, highly ranked shows according to the folks at IMDB. They removed a few shows that were considered a mini-series, and went with those programs. Then, they referenced Google trends for the past year and came up with the most statistically unique television program in each state. An example? The show 'How I Met Your Mother' is not the most watched show in New York, but it is watched there more than any other state.

This particular method does favor new shows, or does it? The results of the research showed that there are still 12 states where Friends, a show that debuted in 1994, is still the most popular show to watch. The other most watched show? The 'Umbrella Academy' which was number one in four states. The other 28 shows only show up as a favorite in one or two states.

So, the results in some states are not surprising. Since 'Ozark' is a show based on a family relocating to the Missouri Ozarks, that show is number one in the state of Missouri. But take 'Chicago Fire'. It is number one in a state, but not Illinois. It's number one in Kentucky. So what about Iowa?

The favorite show in Iowa happens to be 'The Big Bang Theory'. Certainly a popular show, but another that only lives on in syndication. There are  no more new episodes. But that doesn't stop us from screaming BAZINGA!

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