Full moons are usually given interesting names from Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon, Fish Moon, and so many more. Next week's moon is also known as the Pink Moon.

According to NASA, this is the next full moon, and it will be appearing late Monday night, April 26, 2021. It is said to appear opposite the sun in Earth-based longitude at 11:32 p.m. EDT. It is expected to appear full for about three days so if you miss it the first night or the weather messes up your view, you still have a few other opportunities to witness it.

As always, viewing conditions will depend on the weather and skies in your area, so make sure to take a look at the weather forecast before heading out with high expectations.

NASA also gave a quick history lesson about this moon,

In the 1930s the Maine Farmer's Almanac began publishing American Indian Moon names for the months of the year. According to this almanac, as the full Moon in April, this is the Pink Moon, named after the herb moss pink, also known as creeping phlox, moss phlox, or mountain phlox. The plant is native to the eastern United States and is one of the earliest widespread flowers of spring.

A super moon is also expected next month. That name comes from the astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979 and refers to either a new or full moon that occurs when the moon is within 90% of perigee, its closest approach to earth.

You can learn more about the Pink Moon, and Super Moon here. 

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