Make your or your kid's next part a video game party! Gamez2Go is coming to Cedar Rapids. For any video gamer in your life, this video game arcade looks like an absolute blast. If you or one of your kids plays Warzone, Fortnite, Rocket League, Mario Kari, etc, this is the perfect video game party for them.

According to Gamez2Go, this "is the only mobile gaming experience in the Cedar Rapids area and they will bring the party to you with the video game arcade on wheels."

This honestly sounds like something my buddies and I would've loved to use while we were in college. Some of our best times were jamming 6 guys into a dorm room after we finished studying for the day and playing Mario Kart into the early hours of a Saturday morning. This isn't just meant for kids!

The video game Arcade on Wheels can be used for birthday parties, graduation parties, fundraisers, or customer appreciation events. To be fair, this video game arcade could be used for just about any event you'd like.

According to Gamez2Go, the park-n-play arcade is "loaded with 9 4-K Ultra HD TVs, PS4s, XBOX One S's, and Nintendo Switch's." They have over 50 of the most popular video games being played today and it truly does appear to be a dream arcade for anyone who enjoys video games.

The arcade can hold up to 15 kids or 12 adults. They do have 2 TVs outside of the arcade that can possibly add up to 4 more players, so you probably won't have to worry about your kids or your friends having to take turns, which we can all probably a nightmare for parents hosting a party.

To make things even better, you won't have to worry about the weather affecting your big get-together either. The parties are completely enclosed in a climate-controlled bus. Rain or shine, your party will go on, regardless of the weather conditions.

Gamez2Go will bring the arcade to a ton of cities in eastern Iowa and if you don't see your city on the website, you can message to see if they have the availability to come to your area.

I'll tell you what, if your kid/s enjoys playing video games and you want to become the coolest parent at the school, let them have a video game party. The video game bus also comes with a "Game Coach" according to Gamez2Go, so you don't have to constantly supervise the event. You're only asked to be close by. Their website says

"We provide a Game Coach at every event to not only supervise the party, but make sure that everyone has the best experience possible. For kid's parties, we do ask that an adult/host be close by if the Game Coach should need them."

As someone who enjoys playing video games, to help keep in touch with my friends from other parts of the country, this just seems like straight-up fun. I would've loved having a party like this when I was younger.

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