I'm sure many if not everyone has heard of "The Wisconsin Dells" As Midwesterners it's a land mark tourist attraction, and yet many people have never been. The amazing thing about the Dells is that it is perfect for everyone, unlike many other places in the USA, the Wisconsin Dells offers over a hundred different activities.

My family and I have gone to the Dells for a week every year since 2008, and I still love it. I have traveled the world from South America to Europe to Asia, and yet my best memories are from the Wisconsin Dells.

The cool thing about the Dells is that you can make it a day trip or a whole week trip. You can spend under $100 and still have a good time or you can spend thousands of dollars and have a great time. This place is literally for everyone.

Let's talk about the bad first, because there are a few things to note.

  • New attractions have a 50/50 shot of being there next year. If a place doesn't make enough money in the first year it get's cut no matter what.
  • The cheap $5 attractions are a bit weak. You gets what you pay for.
  •  The traffic on the weekends is crazy!

Now let's talk about some of my favorite things!


When it comes to hotels, higher end ones are places like the Kalahari and Mt. Olympus. Which both include theme park tickets. Cheaper spots are most of the motels like Flamingo Hotel. Camping, or the Mt. Olympus Tree houses. Mt. Olympus also has other hotel locations around the Dells that are more mildy priced. Wilderness resort is also slightly more affordable.

Food wise, you have the fast food. Some resorts offer breakfast, but places like the Kalahari charge extra for that, and it is a bit pricey. Some great restaurants includeMACSSprecher's Restaurant & Pub, and Moose Jaw.

The cheapest activities for a day trip are going to be The Upside Down White House. The Temple, and any haunted house. Walking by the river or down town window shopping, and then a stop at Culvers are the perfect affordable addition to a truly fun day trip.

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