We all grew up with a favorite toy. Nostalgia plays a huge role in many of our lives, and it's always fun to see or even own something we grew up with, and the QC Toy show allows us to do just that while also helping many right here in the QC.

OurQuadCities.com got a look at this awesome event. They went on to say,

Nostalgia was back on display in Davenport as the Quad City Toy Show returned for their third event. Each time they have raised money for a non profit and this time they were raising money for veterans.

You can also  see an interview with he event organizer here.

While they are uncertain of when the next event will be due to Covid-19, as of now their April 4th and 5th show is canceled, this non profit hopes they can help the community and bring back that childhood wonder as soon as possible.

This event was proud to raise more for veterans, and more information about the QC Toy Show, and to be kept up to date about the next show can be found here. 

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