Believe it or not, it doesn't relate to corn, although I guess such a thing could be made out of corn.

A new survey asked the craftier among us a question: what unique item shaped like your state is your favorite? Simply Codes did the survey and it wasn't a very long article, getting right to the point of each state's most unique "state-shaped product".

Here in Iowa? It's "topographical displays." Basically small sculptures shaped like the state on the map. Interesting, huh?

Simply Codes
Simply Codes

Surely other states have more exciting products shaped like their state, right?

Kind of. Here's what our midwest neighbors had to say:

  • Illinois: tables
  • Indiana: DIY craft pillows
  • Kansas: American flags
  • Missouri: beer signs
  • Nebraska: patches
  • North Dakota: lapel pins
  • Wisconsin: casserole dishes (likely used for cooking something filled with yummy cheese.)

How did they find this stuff out?

Simply Codes "poured through a ton of data to find the unique state-shaped product each state is oddly obsessed with, based on our formula weighing Google Shopping trends, Google search trends, internal data from Knoji, Dealspotr, and SimplyCodes, and product availability."

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Texas apparently has the MOST things shaped like its state, including waffle makers, paperweights, serving platters, coffee mugs, planters, shot glasses, hamburger presses, and tequila (meaning the bottle, I assume, but I would be fascinated to see if the actual drink is Texas-shaped). I guess everything is bigger and better in the Lone Star state. But after all that, their MOST unique state-shaped thing is fruitcakes (?).


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