It's (almost) April 2020 and here in Iowa, and the U.S., that means a month more of staying at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A good thing, really if it helps us shake this awful virus. But while finding a soul on earth who's not aware of the pandemic in someway shape or form is almost unimaginable, it's likely these people are out there. Or, erm, down there...

Submariners quietly cruising the ocean deeps, are intentionally shielded from above ground worries to encourage undivided focus on their top-secret missions of... well, they're top secret! These brave few may be among the last pockets of people anywhere who are still blissfully unaware of how the pandemic is turning life upside down for us shore-dwellers.

Crew members of ballistic submarines are almost always spared bad news while underwater to avoid undermining their morale, so say current and former officers who served aboard France’s nuclear-armed subs at one time. This means any crews that left port before the virus spread around the globe are likely being kept in the dark about the extent of the rapidly expanding crisis by their commanders until their return, they say.

Certainly, the hope is they get home safe and healthy, but more importantly, their families stay healthy.

(Via LA Times)

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