Daylight savings time begins this Sunday morning but before we set the clocks ahead an hour, there're some other things that should have your attention.

Replace the Batteries

It's estimated that as many as 16 million homes have smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors that aren't in working order. Replace the batteries and test them. If they don't work, buy replacements today. Don't wait for even 24 hours. It's a small cost and small hassle that could save your life. There's nothing bigger than that.

Change Filters in Your Appliances

Sure, you probably change your furnace filter often, maybe even every 30 days but there are others that need attention. Change the filter and bag in your vacuum. A new filter will help it run cooler while a new bag will increase airflow and in turn, cleaning power. Think of all the products in your home that have filters and give them some attention. Maybe it's a water filter or air purifier, or something else.

Empty Out the Medicine Cabinet

Open the door? How many things fall out? Now, how many of those are prescriptions that expired recently, or years ago? Dispose of them properly and you'll give yourself some space and if things are always falling out when you open the door, it's a double-bonus. You've probably gotten rid of some future frustration, as well.

Get Your Air Conditioner Checked

I know what you're thinking? It's only March. However, why not call and get it checked now? Wait and one of three things will happen.

  1. You totally forget until a heat wave arrives and you hope it still works.
  2. You wait until June and the air-conditioning company has a wait list.
  3. You don't get it checked and get left sweating bullets in July when your unit fails.

Drain the Hot Water Heater

It works hard for you every day of the year and crud collects on the bottom, hindering its ability to get reliable hot water when you want it. Drain all the water and some of the sludge out and it should work better. Just make sure everybody's showered before you do or you could have some very angry housemates.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fan Blades

When the weather is warm, you want the ceiling fan blades to run counter-clockwise (when you're looking up). This pushes the air straight down at you to help the cooling process.

Attend the Cedar Rapids Beer Summit

When your task list is complete, reward yourself with unlimited sampling at Saturday night's Cedar Rapids Beer Summit at the DoubleTree by Hilton Convention Center in downtown Cedar Rapids. VIP's get in and 5 p.m. and regular ticket holders at 6. Purchase tickets in advance for just $30 here!

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