With holiday shopping kicking into gear and a slew of potential unexpected expenses due to the disruption of a pandemic, no one wants to receive news that their financial information has been compromised. It would just be so 2020.

On top of everything else going on this year, hopefully, you've remembered to stay vigilant with those matters. Nothing says "Happy Holidays" quite like hearing you were part of a group of more than 60,000 Iowans that Mercy Iowa City says were victimized thanks to a phishing e-mail found in one of their employees' accounts.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette says that between May 15 and June 24, an unauthorized third party gained access to a Mercy staff member's e-mail that included sensitive personal information of 60,473 people. That part wasn't determined until October 3.

Now Mercy is sending written notices to those who may have been impacted, along with reminders of steps to take to watch their information closely. Information that was breached may have included social security numbers, drivers' license numbers and medical treatment information.

Mercy has since secured the breached e-mail account to ensure against further disruption, and have launched further into an investigation, according to a spokesperson.

KCRG further notes that the potentially impacted victims have also been offered complimentary fraud and identity theft protection subscription.

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