The University of Iowa brought in one of the biggest social media stars in the world right now. She participated in a student run lecture with audience participation and some hilarious moments.

Who Is Brittany Broski?

Brittany Broski otherwise known as "kombucha girl" made her debut in the Hawkeye State Thursday (September 14th) evening.

Brittany became known as Kombucha Girl overnight. It skyrocketed her to internet fame and notoriety. People screenshotted the video and "memeified" it with hilarious captions, spreading it all across the internet.

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Broski has nearly 8 million follows on Tik Tok, with her social media channels only continuing to grow more and more each day, according to reports.

Her Tik Tok content is mainly comedy videos that seem to strike a chord with women in their early to mid-twenties. She has created two successful podcasts that have debuted in the overall top 10 on Spotify, called 'Violating Community Guidelines' and 'The Broski Report with Brittany Broski.'

Kombucha Girl Loves Iowa

The Iowa crowd was excited to see the Texas native. Students started lining up outside of the building at approximately 1PM. When student leaders were introducing Broski, the crowd of mostly young women starting whooping for her. A fitting Iowa welcome, right?

"Is an Iowa welcome just throwing corn at me?" the twenty-six-year-old woman said.

She gave fans a hint at some upcoming projects including an exciting new business venture. AND she even teased a HUGE guest on her YouTube talk show "Brittany Broski's Royal Court" for next Thursday, September 21st.

Broski spoke highly of this fellow content creator, saying, "...he spreads joy and laughter."

A Nightmare Flight

While it was all fun and games between Broski and her University of Iowa fans, getting to the Hawkeye State was rough for her.

"Well, I had the travel schedule from hell yesterday getting here," she explained.

The California resident flew out of Los Angeles at 8:00 AM and had a layover in Denver, Colorado. This layover was supposed to take off at around 10:00 AM, but she didn't end up leaving that airport until 11:30 PM.

Brittany Broski ended up getting to her hotel in Iowa at around 3:00 AM Thursday morning.

After walking the crowd through her travel horror story, she started to tease the audience.

"When they said Iowa wants you, I started shaking and crying because it's my dream," the Tik Tok star joked. "...they want to send me to the capital of America? It's my honor!"

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