Jurassic World 3 is gearing up to be one wild ride. From the announcement of returning Jurassic Park cast members Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum, and Laura Dern to director Colin Trevorrow's baby triceratops posts, there's a lot in store. Now Joe Mazzello, known for his role as whiz kid Tim Murphy in the 1993 original, hints at his involvement in Jurassic World 3. Tim and his sister Lex (Ariana Richards) were put through the ringer when they first visited the unopened Jurassic Park, and we're dying to know what the Human Piece of Toast is up to now. Read Mazzello's cryptic tweet below:

If Jurassic World 3 wasn't so close to filming, this tweet would be a lot more straightforward. But its proximity to the shoot and the surrounding Jurassic World casting announcements suggests more than meets the eye. He's not necessarily saying Tim is going to be in the new movie, but why else would he tweet that?

On The Ellen Show last week, Jurassic World star Chris Pratt excitedly shared that the new movie would have a lot of old faces. “It feels kind of like Endgame. It’s got pretty much everybody in it," said Pratt. "Maybe I just blew it, but I don’t care. I know that all the cast from the original Jurassic Park is coming back, and it’s going to feel very much like how Endgame brought everything together with Marvel.” With that sort of confidence, who else can we predict to make a cameo in Jurassic World 3?

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