The next ten days are sure to be historic, and not because of anything other than the dates.

Today marks a slew of dates that are a palindrome, which means they'll read the same forward and backward.

For 10 consecutive days, January 20th-29th, the dates are mirrored. According to the Farmer's Almanac, the next Inauguration Day that falls on a palindrome date is January 20, 2031.

To over explain, read these numbers forward and backward:

  • 1-20-21
  • 1-21-21
  • 1-22-21
  • 1-23-21
  • 1-24-21
  • 1-25-21
  • 1-26-21
  • 1-27-21
  • 1-28-21
  • 1-29-21

Later this year we'll see some more, from 12-1-21 through 12-9-21.

The word Palindrome comes from the Greek words "palin" which means "again, back" and the word "dromos" meaning "running," essentially meaning it's a word or phrase that runs back on itself.

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