There have been eleven spacewalks so far this year at the International Space Station, and the next one will have the imprint of a Toddville native working with NASA.

Mitch Harger is a former Iowa State football player, who will help install a platform outside the Space Station next April.

Harger, who graduated from ISU in 2016 with a degree in aerospace engineering, says his role is to be in charge of the tasks the astronauts perform in order to connect to and power the "Bartolomeo platform", as it's called. Harger told the Gazette:

I develop how the two astronauts will go out there and do these tasks,” Harger said. “We have the mock-up right now. It’s very complicated and has a lot of cables on it. They have to be routed just perfectly

He's been involved in different roles with the navigating of the other spacewalks this year, including the first all-female spacewalk October 18th, but this is his biggest contribution to-date.

You may not get a lot of the terminology, but just know this is a big deal, and an Iowan is part of it. Good luck and congratulations on making us proud.

[Via Gazette]


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