We're approaching the time of year when everyone starts asking us "when are you guys going to start playing Christmas music!?" As some of us are still trying to put together our Halloween costume and haven't even thought about looking for our Thanksgiving menu items yet (although the latter might be a good idea, what with massive supply chain shortages and such), my answer is the same every time, because it has to be. "I'm sworn to secrecy."

Once it happens, it's always polarizing. That's why we take our time and make sure the time is right. But a Billboard magazine article recently came out, saying that even the unofficial Queen of Christmas thinks there's such a thing as too early. As they cleverly put it..."All Mariah Carey wants for Christmas is for you to hold your horses".

Mariah posted a Tweet from her "dressing room" earlier this week, where a "fan" approached her in a festive holiday hoodie saying "Look what I found today! Can I wear it?". Very politely, Mariah responded thusly:

According to Billboard, Mariah has not only musically but also personally become a sort of barometer for when is the appropriate time is to launch the sounds and sights of the season. The song actually hit #1 again on the overall (not just holiday) Hot 100 last December, 27 or so years after it first came out and chart trends recently began to show that "All I Want for Christmas is You" is already moving up the ranks. Mariah has again stepped in, telling fans "not yet".

So with that, I now have yet another authority (in addition to my many bosses) to defer you to if my default answer is simply not satisfactory.

"Not yet".

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