After what we've gone through the last couple of weeks, that could be considered a good thing. One thing we all like to do when we're looking for something to do is browse random videos on YouTube. The list of the most-viewed YouTube clips in one's area is always a compelling read, so here we go. Naturally, the most recent ones are going to be related to the August 10 derecho and COVID-19, but if you dig a bit deeper (like I did) you find some very interesting viewing among Cedar Rapidians.

Ice Cream with the President

A video from 2012 shows then-President Obama stopping for ice cream at Deb's in downtown Cedar Rapids and mingling with the locals. It's still the top-viewed clip when searching under Cedar Rapids, at 11 million views.

Make-your-own Mask

Next is an instructional video on how to make your own fabric facemask. Very timely and apparently about 3.9 million are like me, not very handy or crafty and need help. At least they're making a responsible choice.


We'll never forget what happened on August 10, 2020 and we're still recovering. The wind was unbelievable as this video shows.

Chillary Clinton

Not really sure how to explain this one. 635 million people have enjoyed watching Hillary, or more like Chillary Clinton just chillin' in Cedar Rapids.

Drop the top without ruining an expensive Jeep cover, courtesy of our friends at the McGrath Family of Dealerships

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Not sure it was Sunday or what day it was. We wrap up with some monster truck action, and an appearance by "Grave Digger in Cedar Rapids in 2017", breaking the "nose wheelie" record. Fun! Can't wait for events like this to be back and safe to attend again, either, by the way.

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