It's about that time, kids!

Santa is making his trek across the globe to bring you all the toys and goodies you've asked for this year. Here in the Midwest, he couldn't ask for better travel and weather conditions. Airports are backed up with holiday travelers and mail carriers are loaded with deliveries, but Santa has a fast-track past all of that.

You can find out how close he is to Cedar Rapids (which is your cue to go to bed early tonight) with the NORAD Santa Tracker. It's a live look, in real-time where Santa Claus is located on his trip, and how many presents he has delivered so far. It's kind of fun to watch!

His reindeer are well-fed, well-fueled and making good time.

Have a Merry Christmas, enjoy the holidays with your family, and don't forget to leave out the milk and cookies for the big guy before you go to sleep tonight.





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