We've known them to take away our trash a day late due to holidays or weather, but this is rare.

According to a Facebook post, "extenuating circumstances" have prompted a change in collection schedules this week. If your Cedar Rapids trash, recycling and yard waste collection day is Wednesday, prepare for it to be collected a day early, on Tuesday this week. No other days will be affected at this time.

The extenuating circumstances, of course, are life-threatening and near-record wind chills approaching -60 on Wednesday. The Cedar Rapids Solid Waste & Recycling department will actually be closed for business altogether this Wednesday. A rarity, indeed.

Again, if your normal collection day is Wednesday in Cedar Rapids, place your carts out for pickup by 7 a.m. Tuesday.

For more information visit the Cedar Rapids City Government on Facebook.

In addition, MARION will move all collection to a day LATER than the normal schedule this week.

We will have the latest updates on all weather-related information throughout the week, including closings, cancellations, delays and forecasts on our free mobile app and website as well as on the air in conjunction with our friends at CBS2 and Fox 28.

To all of our friends, listeners, and community workers, we wish you a safe week ahead.




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