So, legally can one ride in the bed of a pickup truck here in the great state of Iowa... Yes. Now, before you click or tap away and watch cute cat videos, hold up cuz it's not that simple I'm afraid. There's a lot more to that question than a simple yes or no. Let's dig in.

Sure, you can ride back there in Iowa, but...

Remember when you were a kid and your dad or uncle told you to hop into the bed of the pickup? You were giddy! Until dad or your uncle said, "HEY, don't sit on the wheel hump!" Still, it was a thrill, right? But when you did this, were you breaking any Iowa laws? Well, my research found that there really is no official state law against riding back there.

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Some counties in Iowa do specify you can't sit on the edge of the box or stand. However, it gets a tad more complicated. In Iowa, all passengers under 18 inside the truck must be buckled up, according to KTVO-TV. What does that mean for ones sitting in the pickup bed? It means you can get a whopper of a ticket if you have a minor in the back, and come across a grumpy officer.

I'd also be careful when crossing the border. KTVO-TV reports for our neighbors to the south in Missouri, it's against the law for anyone under 18 from riding in the unenclosed bed of a pickup with a licensed weight of under 12,000 pounds on state and federal highways, and within city limits. That's a lot to take in so, it's best you just avoid riding in the back in Missouri if you're a minor.

Now you know, it's not illegal - but again, rules can vary from city to city, so best to double-check with law enforcement's rules and regulations before you go hoppin' in the bed of the pickup, or plop your kids back there.

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