Typically Netflix is the place canceled shows go for a revival. Arrested Development was dead in the water until Netflix brought it back to life. Same goes for Gilmore Girls and Lucifer and Queer Eye. It’s kind of their thing.

It is much rarer for shows that Netflix cancels to find new life beyond the world of streaming. Happily, though, that’s what’s happened for the critically acclaimed animated series Tuca & Bertie which got just one season on Netflix but will now return next year with all-new episodes on Adult Swim.

Here was series creator Lisa Hanawalt announcing the news on Twitter:

Last year, Tuca & Bertie made ScreenCrush’s list of the best Netflix shows you weren’t watching yet. At the time, we called it “a weird, joyous show about the friendship shared between two bird-ladies (voiced by Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong) just trying to live their best lives in the big city of Bird Town” that “will surprise you with how endearing and moving it can be. Also, it’s just very, very funny.” Clearly you weren’t watching it, because Netflix decided to cancel the show after just 10 episodes.

Now it will get new life at Adult Swim. It’s great news for Tuca & Bertie fans, and fans of adult animation in general. Look for the new episodes next year.

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