It was a game-changer when it was started, but the operator of the @IAVaccine Alerts account on Twitter says it's done its job and he will reduce his presence on the social media account.

It was started on March 10 as a way to alert thousands of Iowans to where they could get what was once an ever-so-elusive shot in the arm but the account operator, Brian Finley says those shots are far less elusive now, so his work is done. While he says he's proud to have connected people to where the vaccines are available, people who haven't already gotten them likely won't seek him out at this point anyway.

Finley went on to say in the Cedar Rapids Gazette

The barriers that we have yet to overcome are not ones that can be solved on my Twitter account

Once Finley created his @IAVaccineAlerts account, he later did the same for Nebraska,. Minnesota, Missouri, and Illinois, and eventually, here in Iowa the state opened up a 211 phone number to help Iowans navigate the vaccine process. But Finley noted that it did not go further in helping them schedule those appointments so that's when he stepped up.

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To be clear, Finley says the account will actually stay open to update folks on COVID booster shots or if supply dries up, but he's "not sure that will be a thing." He just won't continue to update to the level he is doing so now.

He gained tens of thousands of followers, and I was able to find myself an appointment to get the vaccine through Finley. The account cost nothing in additional technical resources or money for Finley to set up, just his time. Those of us who have benefitted from Brian Finley's sacrifice of that time to gain peace of mind through this ordeal thank him.

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