We've all been on an epic road trip or two in our lifetimes. Crossing a certain number of states in one day perhaps. I drove to Seattle in a van with my family of five, my in-laws, and a dog. What an adventure! But two college students from Nebraska decided to spend their entire summer in the state of Iowa. Their goal? Visit every single town in the state. Mission accomplished!

KCRG reports that Seth Varner and Austin Schneider had the goal of hitting every incorporated town in Iowa in just one summer. The two had done something similar in their home state of Nebraska, visiting all 531 towns in that state last summer. In 2021, they turned their attention to the Hawkeye state. So why spend an entire summer in Iowa? The two said that their initial trip began out of boredom brought on by the pandemic. Varner told KCRG "for college kids there was literally nothing to do, we were just working at Dairy Queen". So they put down their Dilly Bars and headed out.

Varner and Schneider posted their journey on a Facebook page dedicated to their journey to every Iowa town. Their goal? To show that no matter how many people your town has, 20, 200 or 20,000 there is always something to do, people to talk to. How crazy did their travels get? At one point they visited 29 Iowa towns in just 24 hours! And the trip has finally been completed. KCRG reported that the two visited their final town, Carter Lake, this week. 939 Iowa towns in one summer!


The two plan to release a book about their travels across Iowa in November.


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