Two Eastern Iowa long-term care facilities have just been added to the Iowa Department of Public Health's COVID-19 outbreak list, bringing the total at such facilities to 15.

Winslow House in Marion and Solon Nursing Care Center, also known as Solon Retirement Village, were the facilities announced by state officials Wednesday. Winslow currently has three reported cases with one recovered as of this report while Solon Nursing Care has five. None of their cases have been reported as recovered.

The following message was posted to Solon Nursing Care's Facebook page:

At this time we do have a few residents and/or staff members that have tested positive for COV-19. Please be assured we are performing additional cleaning tasks and segregation of residents affected. This really was inevitable with the trends in Johnson County. We are proud of our staff and the length of time the virus was kept out of the facility. No one is to blame.

For more information please contact

Melissa Reed, Administrator
Derek Sanders, Director of Nursing

Thank you.

No comment is available from Winslow House at this time. The state of Iowa Department of Public Health issues the list of these outbreaks and has a website offering a dashboard of information on long-term care facility outbreaks in Iowa. You can see that information here.

[Via KCRG]

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