It seems that over the last 10 or so days, everyone in Iowa, and most of America, have had Powerball fever. With a jackpot that reached a record-shattering $2+ billion ($2.04 to be specific), it's easy to see why.

As far as the winner of the record-breaking bucks, we reported earlier that the winner, as of yet unnamed, is from California. There's no doubt that their life will be forever changed,

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But much, MUCH closer to home, we also had a couple of Powerball winners who picked up a nice size check. It's not the kind of check that will have "friends" and neighbors crawling out of every dark corner asking for a cut, but it's enough that they'll certainly have a cushy Christmas.

The two winners are not coworkers and did not coincidently both happen to pick the same numbers, they're actually sisters-in-law, and went in on the winning ticket together, making this a fun, happy little family affair! Oh, and they almost prevented the Powerball jackpot from ever reaching $2.04 billion.

Bethany Wentink and Kirsten Jacobsen via the Iowa Lottery
Bethany Wentink and Kirsten Jacobsen via the Iowa Lottery

Bethany Wentink and her sister-in-law Kristen Jacobsen purchased a handful of Powerball tickets for the October 24 drawing, according to an Iowa Lottery press release.

At the time of the drawing that scored the duo a nice $50,000 payday, or $25,000 each. But here's the kicker - when they bought their tickets for the October 24 drawing, the jackpot was $637.8 million. Imagine if they had matched all the numbers, and not missed by one... there'd have never been the record-breaking $2.04 billion jackpot! At least not in 2022.

With that, congrats to Bethany and Kristen! Next time you buy your tickets, please let me know. I'd love to become an honorary member of the family!

The two bought their tickets from the Fareway on Magnolia Drive in Cedar Falls.

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