Iowa's News Now reports that juvenile vandals, who remain unidentified at this time will face a series of charges including 1st Degree Arson, and various other levels of Arson, Reckless use of Fire or Explosive and Criminal Mischief. In total, the two will face 16 criminal charges each. These charges stem not only from the Riverside Park playground damage, but grass areas, trees, bushes, flower beds, porches, lattice on a house, vehicle tires, and additional vehicles that were reportedly set on fire.

Graffiti was also found on the side of several vehicles, a building, and a house.

Each suspect is being charged on the following counts:

  • 1 count each, Arson First Degree (Class B Felony)
  • 2 counts each, Arson Second Degree (Class C Felony)
  • 3 counts each, Arson 3rd Degree (Aggravated Misdemeanor)
  • 3 counts each, Reckless Use of Fire or Explosives (Serious Misdemeanor)
  • 2 counts each, Criminal Mischief 1st (Class C Felony)
  • 5 counts each, Criminal Mischief 5th (Simple Misdemeanor)

This could turn out to be a serious situation for the alleged culprits who are currently slated to be processed through the juvenile court system.

However, according to Iowa's News Now:

Depending on the age of the suspects, they can be waived to adult court, but Police gave no such indication. In many juvenile cases, a judge can order them detained in a juvenile detention facility until they reach adult age. Then, their rehabilitation can be taken into account as to whether additional sentencing needs to be imposed as an adult.

It's possible that conviction on all counts could lead to "decades of confinement or imprisonment".

The damaged playground equipment is expected to be replaced, fully covered by the Vinton Parks & Recreation Department's insurance for $200,000. Read the original story and a previous update we reported on the incident here.

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