This year, they'd already raised 2.8 million prior to the pandemic hitting, but according to the Iowa City Press Citizen, it's back to square one for the annual University of Iowa Dance Marathon as it works out how to go virtual in the social distancing era.

It is entering its 27th year and its put together by students to raise awareness and funds for the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital by way of, you guessed it, dancing.

Volunteers usually dance for 24 straight hours at the Iowa Memorial Union, but the most recent event was extended to 26.2 hours, to represent the idea that cancer is like fighting a marathon. (26.2 miles=marathon.)

They were all set to go for the Dance Marathon next February 5 and 6 but due to the uncertainty of the pandemic and whether socially distancing will allow that large of a group together in one place for that long, the event is now virtual and is being moved to February 26-27.

A statement from the UI Dance Marathon website says "UI Dance Marathon commits itself to have a presence in the community and Stead Family Children’s Hospital by creating connections through virtual engagement. These virtual events and programming allow more people to share their support for our families than ever before".

Their event calendar shows all the virtual programming and how it will work. They will raise funds through merchandise sales, community days with specials at local businesses, gift baskets, fun boxes, online auctions and more, all culminating in a "big event", an announcement on which is set to come soon. If you'd like to donate to the Dance Marathon, click here.

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