Fences star Viola Davis is kicking off 2017 on a sky-high note — she's landed 2017's very first Walk of Fame Star, and officially joins 2,596 other actors, musicians and Hollywood big-shots on the gilded path.

Davis thanked her father for his support while accepting the honor, but lamented the fact that he wasn't around to see her shine.

"He died in 2006 and he would think this is pretty fantastic," she said.

Davis added she originally planned to treat the day like any other typical one, but couldn't maintain a poker face while reflecting on how far she's come. She recalled being a bit of a wallflower as a child, but one that was focused and had her sights set on greatness.

"The only thing I can think of is the little girl from Central Falls, [Rhode Island]," she said. "The only picture I have of myself as a kid in kindergarten is with a little seersucker and an expression that's not really a smile, not really a frown, just something. But every time I look at the little girl, I always thought, ‘Oh, that’s a cute outfit but she was always hungry, she was always shy, she was always kind of in the background, but inside she had big dreams bursting.'"

"The only thing I could think about is that saying, ‘What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls the butterfly,'" she added. “I cannot believe my life right now."

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