A new survey found 5% of us enjoy NOTHING about Thanksgiving . . . the food, the football, the family infighting.  None of it.  And that doesn't even include the 4% who said they don't celebrate Thanksgiving.

Here are eight more quick Thanksgiving stats:

  • 75% of us tend to eat the same foods every year.  We don't mix it up very much.
  • 88% of us usually spend Thanksgiving with family.  Around 35% will be eating with at least one friend at the table this year. And 7% are spending it with a neighbor.
  • 41% of people have been looking forward to Thanksgiving ALL YEAR.
  • What time will you eat Thanksgiving dinner this year?  42% of people will start at 2:00 P.M. or earlier and only 11% will wait until 6:00 P.M. or later.
  • The average Thanksgiving will include 7 to 9 people. The next most-common answer was 4 to 6 people 5% of us are eating with at least twenty other people and a sad 3% said they usually eat Thanksgiving dinner alone with divorced people were the most likely to say they eat alone.
  • Woman are more than twice as likely to say they do all of the cooking on Thanksgiving. 22% said it's true, compared to just 9% of men. While men are almost twice as likely to do none of the cooking. (That's me!) 35% of men said they don't help at all, compared to 19% of women...
  • The biggest bump in traffic over Thanksgiving is the day before the holiday. According to Google you'll find way more people on the roads than you would on a normal Wednesday night.
  • And finally, 23% of us make sure we wear stretchy pants on Thanksgiving, just so we can eat more.

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